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Higher Realm School is a co-educational school founded on the 4th of January , 2010.

It is a combination of Creche, Pre- primary and Primary Schools with emphases on an all round Child's education.

At Higher Realm School , we strongly believe in developing the total child by equipping him/her with a variety of skills and values, which provide a basis for every form of future learning.

Our curriculum ensures a smooth flow from the Early Years in preparatory School to Year 6 where the Junior School curriculum culminates, preparing the children for a smooth and effective transition to Secondary School.

Our kindergarten and nursery staff work together as a team and our children choose from a wide range of activities with strong emphasis on learning through play. We believe “Play is the work of young children”.

The total child needs to be developed in other areas besides the cognitive domain. To achieve this, we offer a wide range of carefully selected and organised academic and extra-curricular activities based on our delicate blend of the  Nigerian Curriculum.

The individuality of each child is equally valued,  through our highly experienced teaching staff and care givers which provides additional learning support, thereby ensuring that every child receives the required attention necessary to move them to the next level in their learning, albeit at their individual pace.

Our highly trained staff  develop children, as well as, groom and instill in them a sense of self worth, thereby preparing them for future leadership roles in the society.

Our ultimate desire is to churn out a generation of God fearing and innovative leaders whose thoughts and decisions will significantly impact the development of our great nation, Nigeria and indeed the world at large. We look forward to having you around and partnering with you in this great quest.